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Classrooms of the Future
class·room noun \klasˌro͞om\
A room, typically in a school, in which a class of students is taught
fu·ture adjective \ˈfyü-chər\
: that is to be
: coming after the present
: existing or occurring at a later time

Cisco Vision -

Expanding the Classroom

IBM Vision -

Personalized Learning

Intel Vision -

Bridging Our Future

Future Classroom Lab Interview Series #6 - Kristen Weatherby

Microsoft Vision -

Classroom of the Future

Steelcase Vision - LearnLab 

Future Classroom Lab Interview Series #1 - Lord Puttnam

Classroom for the Future

These videos and discussed content are usually of intense interest to districts that are planning their future facilities. While the master planning team does not necessarily agree with every concept proposed and presented in this section, we do hope they will spark conversations and dialogue over the subject matter.

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