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Facilities Master Plan
On August 15, 2017, Palmdale School District approved and adopted a Student Centric Facilities Master Plan that will help provide the District with a roadmap for the creation of high performing educational environments that facilitate learning and teaching. This master plan was developed in collaboration with parents, teachers, and community stakeholders, and includes specific facilities strategies to help the District decide where capital investments are needed. 

The development of this Facilities Master Plan was led by a set of guiding principles shown below, that are aligned with the District's mission and vision. These principles highlight the goals and objectives to be embodied in the design of all future PSD projects. 

Below you will find links to key documents that were generated or shared with various district stakeholders throughout the master plan development process.
Disclaimer: The planning process is by its very nature an iterative and evolutionary process. Ideas expressed in these documents were presented to generate conversations and ideation. Master planning processes are "works in progress" which change as ideas are developed and circumstances require. Ideas in any of the reports contained herein may conflict with one another and are offered to stimulate new thinking about the district facilities. Ideas or discussions developed or presented herein may or may not come to realization based on a variety of philosophical, physical, economic or pedagogical constraints.
Community Workforce Agreement 
A Community Workforce Agreement was entered into by and among the Board of Trustees for Palmdale School District, the Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council, and the signatory Craft Councils and Unions, to promote efficiency of construction operations, as well as provide employment opportunities for local workers to participate throughout the construction program.
Click below to view or download a copy of the Community Workforce Agreement.
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