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Future Learning Environments
Joshua Hills Elementary School was the first of nine schools within Palmdale School District to receive modernized Future Learning Environments and has served as the Prototype for the remaining eight schools. Future Learning Environments (FLE) are classroom spaces that promote a personalized approach allowing each student to take control of their own learning. Students are unique and learn in different ways. The FLE's being established within the District allows teachers to quickly adjust to a students' learning type.
Features & Benefits:

- A variety of seating options and writing surfaces that are on wheels which allows the

teachers/students to change the layout of the classroom quickly to adopt to the type of learning that is necessary

for a successful lesson or project

Storage space with more versatility. Storage units of all shapes and sizes

are on wheels with white boards on the back. The teacher can move them around the room to

create different learning hubs or stations


Adjustable and moveable teacher lecture. The teacher will be able to lead their lesson from any point

within the room and can adjust the height to create a different vibe depending on the message that is being conveyed


Floor to Ceiling, alternating tackable and white board space.

Keeping with the theme of mobility and a continuously adaptable environment, teachers will be able

to utilize all sides of the classroom to present their lessons

Future Learning Environment @ Joshua Hills Elementary School
Future Learning Environment - OPEN HOUSE
Student feedback on the new
Future Learning Environments
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